Free Range Eggs

Our layer hens go to sleep in our 'Chicken Wagon' which we use it to move our hens to a fresh pasture once a week while they are sleeping. Every morning we release the birds onto their spacious pasture where not only do they have access to water and certified organic feed they also have access to their natural habitat: on the grass where the birds can peck, scratch, and forage for bugs. 

Our birds live outside all year-long moving to a permanent structure for the wet months, but always having access to pasture. Of course following natural cycles means our eggs vary from season to season, in the late spring and early summer, when all of nature is coming to life, the chickens will gorge on new grass and insects, resulting in a darker yolk. In winter, their yolks are a lighter color due to the dormant grasses and the
number of bugs. We believe that healthy, happy chickens
are going to lay better tasting more nutritious eggs.

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