Berkshire pigs are a heritage breed of pig having been developed over hundreds of years in the county of Berkshire in England. Like many heritage breeds, today the Berkshire is also a rare breed. Our commitment to raising this breed will help protect it for future generations. 

The Berkshire pork experience is totally different from grocery store pork - it is darker and richer in colour and it's flavour is distinctive and abundant. In fact Berkshire pork has been ranked #1 in 19 quality traits out of 25*, it is hands down the best tasting pork in the world! 

Our pigs are fed certified organic feed, and our philosophy is to raise our animals in a way that lets them be the animals they are, for the pigs that means the right to root in the brush, wallow in the mud, run around in the grass, and feel the sun shine on their backs. Allowing them the space to exercise creates muscling, allowing intramuscular fat deposits to form,
which is just like the marbling you see in a good cut of beef.

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