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Providence Farm is seeking four awesome interns to complete the Farm team for the 2017 season.  This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and work with some great people.  If you have a keen interest in experiencing a full season immersed in the hard work of organic farming and are committed to working respectfully in an environment with a diversity of people with varying abilities please read the message and posting below.  

A message from our Farm Manager

“I’m heading into my 8th year of managing farm operations, during which time I have trained over 25 interns. 2017 is looking like a season of consolidation for our market garden as we focus in more on our local markets, for example we are hoping to triple the size of our cutting edge CSA. On the other hand our herds and flocks continue to grow as our cows have babies, and we double how many pigs and broiler chickens we raise. At Providence Farm we are offering you an exciting opportunity, not only do you get the standard offer to really push your body to the limits gaining the muscle memory necessary to become a successful field worker but more importantly you get to work with an experienced educator teaching you the tips and tricks to help you become a successful farmer.

Providence Farm is ideally located such that after a day of satisfying hard work you can take some time to enjoy and relax in the mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and bays of the Cowichan Valley. Of course you are coming here to farm, but Providence Farm will be a wonderful place to call home during your months of training, and no matter where you look you will see big smiles, hearty waves and a wonderful sense of community. I look forward to receiving your application, meeting you and if we’re a good fit – working with you on what is looking like another amazing summer.” 

~Farmer Abe 

Please read through the 2017 Internship Job Description and Internship Details before filling out the application.


Internship Job Posting  Internship Details Package  Internship Application 


"The Providence Farm Internship Program is basically the cream of the crop as far as interning goes! Farmer Abe is a wealth of knowledge, a supportive and engaging leader, and a full-time mentor. This program is the meat and potatoes, with a little gravy on the side. You get a full-on agricultural experience but also the very special opportunity to be a part of the lush and unique community that is Providence Farm. I'm leaving here not only with a full farmer tool kit but also a full heart."
- Morijah Oslund, Interned at Providence Farm 2015-16

As our farm manager, leader, and mentor, Abe was an outstanding guide. In addition to Abe being a farming sage, he always did his best to ensure that each of his interns’ learning expectations were met and exceeded. Abe’s dedication towards the overall mission of Providence Farm and commitment to his farm team goes unmatched. It was a positive, engaging, and fun learning environment where curiosity was welcomed and encouraged. The formal education modules, field trips and discussions, in tandem with the hands-on-learning from the fields, enhanced and solidified my understanding of many interconnected food related topics.” 
- Vanessa Carducci, Interned at Providence Farm in 2016

I enjoyed my time at Providence Farm immensely. Abe is a very skilled farmer with plenty of passion and expertise. He provided strong guidelines and information on best practices while also leaving room for feedback and the opportunity to work things out independently. I felt trusted and appreciated during my time there and would highly recommend the experience to others. Also, we grew some damn fine veggies!” 
- Liz Anderson, Interned at Providence Farm in 2015

An internship at Providence Farm is a truly organic experience; it is totally non-conventional. While learning about the needs and lifecycles of various plants and animals, you'll end up seeing yourself in a whole new light. As a farmer and a mentor Abe invests all of his daily energy into the land and other people. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge on many agricultural topics. This internship offers more than a singular experience with one farmer. You will be surrounded by dozens of gardeners in the horticultural prime of their senior years; a bountiful harvest 
of knowledge literally at your doorstep. Interspersed with hard work will be moments of hilarity which can give you perspective on why you have chosen farming as a way of life. Bring your work boots and your dancing shoes! It has always been my firm belief that organic farming and celebration go hand in hand, and my internship at Providence certainly confirmed that.” 
- Andrew Gerbrandt, Interned at Providence Farm in 2015

Although growing food and improving farming skills was my primary internship goal, I also learned more on good communication and farm management than expected. I am grateful for this. Abe takes educating aspiring farmers seriously (while having fun), has a lot of experience to share and tries to find answers to those few questions left unanswered. He is an inspiring farmer, skilled farm manager and a real farm nerd.
 - Jens Kiefer, Interned at Providence Farm in 2014

I believe that as an aware society, we are returning to the home grown approach to healthy eating. Skills learned on the farm can be applied to future endeavours in producing organically grown food for family or community. In case you haven't heard, Providence Farm is a magical place and there is a sense of purpose behind all activity! This experience working within a loving community has forever changed me and facilitated personal growth. If you like to work hard, learn lots, and do well in a detail oriented environment, this may be the experience you are looking for.
- Harold Aiken, Interned at Providence Farm in 2014

Abe is a passionate farmer, honestly a true farm geek. He is an incredible teacher with an encyclopedic mind full of farming wisdom as well as the patience and people skills to share his knowledge. Abe teaches with humour and finesse, establishing a communicative and safe work culture. He's fun to learn from and work with. As a farmer, Abe is innovative and efficient. He uses tried and true ecological farming methods but is also on the pulse/cutting edge of the farming community to expand his knowledge and share with others.  From reading a soil test to using biological pest control to ergonomic hoeing techniques, Abe is a wealth of farming knowledge. From Abe I gained the skills and confidence to manage an organic garden as I went on to co-manage a 200 member summer CSA and 100 member winter CSA.
- Courtney Dutchak, Interned for Farmer Abe in 2011

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