Organic Farm

At Providence Farm we believe that caring for the land together is healing and therapeutic and we apply that philosophy while managing our 50 acres of farmland. Our Farm Manager and his interns manage the land utilizing sustainable small scale, organic farming techniques aiming to continually improve the quality of the land while producing nutrient dense produce which we sell to our local community. 

Providence Farm is presently home to grass-fed Dexter cattle, pastured Berkshire pigs, pastured chickens, free-range layer hens, all of whom form the core of our soil fertility program and we also grow a 3 acre market garden. We sell all our produce through our Farm's General Store, our Organic Veggie Box (CSA) and the Duncan Farmers' Market.

The success of our farm is in what we produce. Along with the pastured meat and free-range eggs we sell, our vegetables are of the highest quality. We harvest all our vegetables when they are fully ripe, ensuring taste and nutrition is at its peak, often selling on the same day! We purchase organic seeds from reputable, conscientious seed companies, selecting over 100 different types including rare and heirloom varieties.

Purchasing our produce will directly support sustainable agriculture and therapeutic programs at Providence Farm. Please consider showing your support by purchasing an Organic Veggie Box membership today.

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