Therapeutic Animal Change

29 Jun 2017 9:15 AM | Anonymous

For many years now Providence Farm has kept a variety of animals on the farm for therapeutic interaction with our participants. These animals include the sheep, alpacas, goat (Gouda) and donkey (Molly). They have also been useful for their wool for our textile program.

However, we have recently completed an assessment of the animals under our care and recognize that while these animals have played a therapeutic role and are valued friends of the farm, we are redeveloping our animal therapy program to broaden its reach for our participants; and these animals are no longer appropriate.

In keeping with our strategic direction we have made the decision to re-home these animals and replace them with animals who can provide broader therapeutic interaction. This will also benefit Molly and Gouda who we feel will be better off with companionship of their own species.

We recognize that this change may be difficult for some to appreciate; but Providence Farm is a therapeutic community dedicated to helping people with a variety of challenges and our focus must be on their needs. In that regard we are redeveloping our animal therapy program to incorporate animals more conducive to the therapeutic benefits we feel our participants can gain the most benefit from.

Thank you for your understanding.

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