Ken McKinnon

20 Jun 2017 11:58 AM | Anonymous

It is with great fondness that we here at the farm remember our friend Ken McKinnon. 

For those of you who don’t know – when Ken McKinnon retired from being a successful business man here in the valley, he decided he wanted to try his hand at farming. He pretty much single-handedly cleared all the broom and rock from the lower fields and left field as well, and put in all the fencing around left field. Planted a berry crop in left field, amongst other things, and corn and pumpkins in the lower fields. He was here from dawn to dusk most days  picking rocks by hand and piling them on the sides of the fields. He built the implement shed that now houses the tractors and Fix It shop, and he bought us a tractor. Oh and on top of that, he has continued to make generous donations to the Farm over the years. We named the McKinnon building after him.

A soft spoken and one helluva hardworking man  we owe him much.

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