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  • 27 Apr 2017 11:53 AM | Anonymous

    Duncan, April 27, 2017– Providence Farm is excited to announce our Weaving for Health and Nature show at Portals Art Gallery on May 11 to May 31st, 2017. Everyone is invited to come and experience the power of art, nature and therapy combined.

    “A growing body of research links our mental, physical and spiritual health directly to our association with nature,” says Wendy Davis, Providence Farm’s Textiles Coordinator. “We at Providence Farm believe this exposure to nature—through which comfort, curiosity and a deepening sense of self and belonging are accessible—is vital and something that all human beings can benefit from.”

    For the past several months staff, participants and volunteers at Providence Farm have been engaged in a Farm-wide project incorporating nature’s wondrous colours and textures into artistically woven art pieces which will be displayed at Portals Art Gallery for the community to appreciate some of the magic of the farm. At Providence Farm we do not see ourselves as simple spectators of nature! We are actively engaging with leaf and branch, feather and frog, mud and wind.

    It is important for Providence Farm participants to demonstrate to the community, who support them at the Farm, the tremendous benefits they receive in our programming.

    Practiced since ancient times, weaving together fibers with different textures can produce a visually pleasing design. By combining botanicals with fleece and yarn produced here at the Farm, these unique  organic wall hangings and art pieces offer a fresh, colorful reminder of times past and are individual art pieces, which represent the connection our participants have found with nature.

    “Participants were inspired and encouraged to create from within their individual selves, to compose a true expression of their harmonious connection with nature,” says Ms. Davis.

    All components used are natural, most of which were found or produced at the Farm. Nature walks in the forest were coordinated to collect branches, attractive strips of bark, twigs, long grasses, leafy vines, mosses, lichens, and leaves. Colourful touches were worked in with an assortment of dried berries, rosehips, buds, and flowers. The yarn utilized for threading the warp between branches is hand spun from Providence Farm sheep fleece and the Farm’s alpaca fibre. Rovings were hand dyed using materials found at the farm and plant-based natural dyes such as indigo, logwood bark and madder root.

    “I would encourage everyone to participate with us by visiting the gallery and experiencing the joy our participants have found in this work and to celebrate their individual spirits. This is one of the many ways our participants can share with the community who support their lives at the Farm,” says Farm Executive Director, Chris Holt.

    # # #

    If you would like more information about this show, please contact Wendy Davis, Textile Coordinator at 250-746-4204 or email at

    For information about Providence Farm:

    For information about Portals Art Gallery:


  • 24 Apr 2017 2:14 PM | Anonymous

    Got to admit that title has probably been used before for pictures of alpaca shearing, but regardless it's happened today at the Farm. Our 5 alpacas will look skinny with funny long necks and puffy heads for a while. And our textile program will benefit from wonderfully beautiful alpaca fleece.

    Thanks to Nicole Champagne from NicoNick Alpaca for shearing.

  • 18 Apr 2017 11:55 AM | Anonymous

    There will be no plant sale this Spring at Providence Farm. We have de-commercialized our nursery to focus on our participants and their therapeutic needs and so we do not have the inventory for a plant sale this year. We are of course building a labyrinth and could use help with that though :).

  • 27 Jan 2017 1:29 PM | Anonymous

    It is with great sadness that we remember Reta Flanagan who was a long time volunteer at the farm. Reta came every week to work in various farm locations including Farm Fashion and the kitchen. She was a lovely woman with a crystal sense of humor and a powerful work ethic. She passed away just before the holidays. She will be greatly missed.

  • 26 Oct 2016 12:24 PM | Anonymous

    Halloween has arrived at the farm. Don't be surprised if you find pirates and cows walking around together on the farm these days. Hay rides, pumpkin pie and rain are all part of the experience.

  • 03 Aug 2016 1:36 PM | Anonymous

    Bert Manthey (on left, Chris Holt on right), a two year volunteer and relief staff, is moving to Victoria to take over as the Superior Guardian of the Franciscan Friary. 

    Bert worked in both Farm Fashions and then with Marc Beauchamp our site manager. Many of the things fixed on the farm, moved around, held up, hammered down, cut or tapped are the work of Bert. He's always been there as a consistently reliable volunteer. Bert has been a wonderful addition to our farm and we will miss his enthusiasm and solid work ethic.

    We all wish Bert the very best in his new endeavour.

  • 25 Jul 2016 10:23 AM | Anonymous

    The weekend was warm, sunny and filled with beautiful music. Thank you to all the Folk Fest revellers who enjoyed themselves and created such a warm and wonderful ambiance.

  • 20 Jun 2016 10:41 AM | Anonymous

    Thank you to everyone who came out to our wonderful Farm Dance Under the Stars on Saturday night. It was a wonderful party and a testament to all the volunteers who made it happen. Thank you. 

    We opened the show with the in-house band The Providers who played a variety of classic rock and roll to set things on track and then followed up with the Deb Rhymer Blues band which set the tempo for the evening. The music rolled on with the Smiley Family and the Cookie Monsters who rocked out the end of the night with some ACDC. 

    A great night with super good food, chill wonderful people, a diverse silent auction with many pieces donated by our generous local business community and of course our Farm Fashions store was open and busy. 

    A great night and one of the best parties of the year!

  • 30 May 2016 1:49 PM | Anonymous

    Here's Bill Baker unloading plants for St Ann's Garden Club. He's out delivering seedlings for the Grow a Row program started by Dinter's Nursery more than 20 years ago. The idea is to provide food seedlings for community groups who grow one row for themselves and another for the local food bank. Bill has been dropping plants off at various community organizations today including the Clements Centre. Bill has been doing the Grow a Row program since it started. He's a valuable member of the Providence Farm community, well done Bill.

  • 27 May 2016 1:16 PM | Anonymous

    Long time Providence Farm community member John Yancy Peter passed away suddenly this month from natural causes and he will be missed.

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