Check out our General Store, farm fashions, food services and woodworking to buy wonderful products built with loving hands at the Farm. These are quality products and your purchase will help our participants develop skills and have meaningful work. We want to create long term and meaningful employment or our participants and hopefully do well enough we can expand to offer more opportunities for more people in the Cowichan Valley.

Our Mission is pretty straight forward:  Trusting in Providence, and building upon the faith-centered heritage of our founding members, we are committed to serving needs and to fostering talents of people in the Cowichan Valley, especially of those not easily accepted elsewhere, through our therapeutic community at Providence Farm. Our focus shall be upon the renewal of body and spirit, and upon people caring for the soil, and the soil nurturing the people.

We are serious about our mission and want to help as many people in this Valley as possible. But of course this is a community enterprise, we need your support and your help, your thoughts, your social media, your purchasing power, your desire to make the Valley even better, more loving, more creative and even more a paradise.

If you don't have a membership, please join and work with us to change more lives.

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