Welcome to Providence Farm

Welcome to the Farm!

The Therapeutic Farm Program, provided by the Vancouver Island Providence Community  Association (VIPCA), has served the Cowichan Valley community since 1979. Programs takes place at the picturesque Providence Farm – a working farm and regional landmark gifted to VIPCA by the Sisters of Saint Ann. Often referred to as a rural community centre, the impact of this vital program extends beyond program participants and volunteers to benefit the region (and beyond) as a hub of community action and inclusivity. 

At Providence Farm, we provide a variety of innovative programs for individuals with mental health, brain injury, dementia and developmental challenges. Programs include horticultural therapy, art, woodworking, nutrition, gardening, landscaping and textiles.  We believe that caring for the land together is healing and therapeutic. 

Please visit us at Providence Farm! The active programming areas are  restricted from public access 9am-3pm weekdays, while the General Store, Greenhouse and Labyrinth are open & welcoming to visitors.

Our General Store is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10:00am to 5:00pm.  Enjoy some of our onsite baked and healthy snacks and local artisan selections. You're also welcomed to pick up a map at the Store for a self-guided tour. Small groups are welcomed to come for lunch Monday through Friday at 12:30pm for $7 (tickets in reception). Larger groups, of 7 or more, are asked to call ahead. Large group catering is also an option.

The large greenhouse and pergola area may be visited during programming hours.

Come and walk the labyrinth, (feel free to weed as you walk!)  or visit the St. Ann's garden and trails. Here you can take a deep breath and step out of the stressful world for a while and you’ll find the air is healthy; the work, worthwhile. 

We rely on public support to maintain our therapeutic community, please make your donation -plant hope; harvest joy!

Providence Farm is closed due to severe weather and scheduled Statutory holiday:  The Farm will re-open on Tuesday Feb 19th.  

Upcycled and new-to-you clothes at Providence Farm's P'Farm Fashions'. The store is open 9:30am to 12:30pm Monday to Friday.



Rotary Club of Duncan Daybreak has been an acitive supporteer of Providence Farm since 2015. Thank you for the generous donation of $3500 used in the renovation of our busy reception office.  

From left:  Mike McMenamin and Keith Grey of Rotary Club of Duncan Daybreak and Maria Hiles of Providence Farm.


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